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Customized Modules and Panels

JAKCO specializes in custom LCD applications, and produces custom LCD panels and modules for our customers. Our LCD panels and module assemblies can be configured for a wide variety of applications with character, icon and graphic capabilities. All custom displays feature high contrast, wide viewing angle and low power operation. Backlight type, operating temperature range and other options are available.

• Custom Icon or Graphic or Character Displays
• COB/COG/COF/TAB Configurations
• Custom Backlights
• Serial, Parallel, I2C, and SPI Interfaces
• Extended Operating Temperatures
• Touch Screens and Heaters Available

Our Custom Design & Manufacture service is a core part of our business - consistently providing innovative and deliverable solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We offer the best in electronic design and mechanical design combined with high quality, cost-effective sourcing and manufacturing options in mainland China. This 'one-stop' service ensures the solution we offer is designed from the outset with manufacture in mind.

Our belief is that good design can only happen when each of these steps is undertaken with due consideration of the others. By offering a 'one-stop' service encompassing all of these important steps JAKCO can manage the design process from conception to manufacture delivering product that meets both you and your customer's needs

Step 1 - Design
The broad scope of disciplines encompassed by the Engineering Design and Development team include Display, Electronic and Mechanical Design. The well use of engineering software allows for rapid development of LCD layouts, PCB layouts and product enclosures.

Step 2 - Prototype
Prototyping is an invaluable tool in proving a design before a full manufacturing is made. A prototype can take several forms. We offer an extensive range of prototyping options from one off space samples to small run PCB and display assemblies.

Step 3 - Sourcing
With sourcing team in mainland China, the purchasing professionals scour the Asians markets to find the best deal on the components used in manufacture in terms of both quality and cost. Our large group spend, coupled with established relationships with an extensive network of suppliers allow JAKCO to offer considerable cost savings with uninterrupted supply.

Step 4 - Manufacture
The production facilities in mainland China provide customers with the many benefits of Far-Eastern manufacturing. We work with a select number of long term manufacturing partners in China providing our customers with a risk free route to Far-Eastern manufacture and the associated cost savings this brings.
Available manufacturing processes include:
Chip-on-board (COB)
Chip-on-glass (COG)
Surface mount technology (SMT)
Tape Automatic Bonding (TAB)

Step 5 - Supply
JAKCO's team has considerable experience of supplying high quality, fully tested products to customers in a timely and convenient manner. We offer the flexibility to ensure you are never left short.


If you need further information or assistance,
please call (852) 67642597 or e-mail us at sales@jakcolcd.com.